About Us

Hammer Coal

Hammer coal was established in the year 2015 and today has been reckoned as the pioneering Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier firm of outstanding quality Leather Bags and Accessories. Hammer coal is eco-friendly brand that produces handbags and accessories. Eco-friendly Leather Goods is only a label for how our products are handmade leather goods, but shouldn’t set a precedent for how they look and how they’ll feel. We don’t sacrifice quality and style for principle, they’re one and the same but it looks modern leather goods.

Generate excitement

We produce not your ordinary bags.

We believe that consumers have the ability to change the world we live in. We as consumers have the ability to create a worldwide demand for products made with respect for not only the environment, but also the people that make them. By providing our producers with access to the global market, we connect them with customers that love a great bag!

About work

We believe vintage can be modern, classic can be edgy, minimalism can still use a pop of color, and eco-friendly is fashionable. We believe we can change the world, one bag at a time.

As we wanted to introduce our self-Hammer coal bags (designers and manufacturer) regarding the products we deal with.

Ladies Bags – In Leather, Canvas, Leather and Canvas mix, PU, Fabric bags and all kind of sequence and embellishments.

Men’s Bags – Mainly Leather, leather and Canvas mix, PU and fabric bags

Hammer coal factory having all in-house machinery for the above product categories.

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